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[Closed] Forum & In-game Rules

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This is the list of the current rules that apply to The Cube SMP game servers and website. These rules are subject to change at any time and once you login to our server or connect to our website you are obliged to abide by them. 

  • No advertising, 
  • No griefing, 
  • No alternate accounts, 
  • No real world trading, 
  • No racism, 
  • No harassment, 
  • No spamming, 
  • No use of offensive language, 
  • No hacked clients, 
  • Do not use exploits/dupes/bugs/glitches etc, 
  • Do not treat the server or its staff with disrespect, 
  • Do not abuse the ‘Help Request’ system, 
  • Do not ask to become staff, 
  • English is to only be used in public chat, 
  • Building above Bedrock in the Nether is not allowed, 
  • Unobtainable items are only allowed to be given by staff, 
  • Drop parties of donator kits is not allowed, 
  • Redstone clocks that are not active must be turned off.


These rules if broken can and will be punishable. These are what YOU can face if you break the rules set above. 

  • Warning (x3 = Ban), 
  • Kick, 
  • Tempban (max 3 days), 
  • Ban (until appealed on the website), 
  • Permanent Ban (not able to appeal on website), 
  • IP Ban (if you keep coming back). 

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