The Cube SMP – Pre-Season 1 – Survival, Economy, Growing Community, Staff Needed

Cube Survival Multi-player!

Why should you play at The Cube SMP? Simple, with a dedicated team and player base it is the most laid back and hassle-free experience on Minecraft!

Bringing the old times to the current, Minecraft how it should be played. Join The Cube to experience the old-school feeling of Minecraft and a prodigious community feel as you work your way up in the server and become the richest of the rich!

● Invite your friends and watch your community grow. Choose to turn on or off PvP to spice things up. Look forward to frequent changes, upgrades and updates to always keep you on your blocks. Keep an eye out for our discord ( to get the first look on the behind the scenes and an open channel for suggestions or tips.

● Set new goals and limits with our vanilla game style so you can experience Minecrafts newest features with us! We look forward to building with you.

The Cube SMP offers things such as;

Toggle PvP,
Central shop,
Memories & a land claim, grief free experience.

Join The Cube SMP today!

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